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Mystery Movie 'Private Eye' Updated: 2009-03-26 12:00:00 KST

A new kind of Korean film has been born with "Private Eye." As you can guess from the title, this film is about the adventures of private eye Hong Jin-ho and his two assistants: med student Gwang-su and inventor Sun-deok. Let's follow them as they delve into a mysterious murder case.

As Joseon Dynasty draws to a close, a mysterious incident occurs at the home of a top official, leaving a room soaked in blood, but without a body. Gwang-su, a medical-student-in-training, is appalled when he sees a photo of the missing man.

To his horror, the man in the photo looks just like the body he picked up the other night to study anatomy with. Gwang-su goes to private eye Jin-ho, seeking help to avoid any false charges. For money, Jin-ho will take on nearly any job, but not a murder case. Gwang-su stops the departing Jin-ho only by offering an immense sum of money.

[Interview : Park Dae-min
Director of Private Eye ] "Hong Jin-ho is the first private eye to take the stage in Korean filmography. It will be fun for the audience to see these new kinds of characters on screen."

The two pore over the scene looking for clues where Gwang-su had found the corpse.
However Jin-ho starts getting the feeling that their investigation is being watched.
And the chase is on!
Jin-ho instinctively recognizes a link between the case and the mysterious man wearing a reed hat.
A heated pursuit follows, but the man succeeds in out-running them.
The suspect is lost from right under their noses.
Jin-ho turns to a woman for help.
Sun-deok seems like any other lady of the aristocracy, but she lives a hidden life as an inventor.
Her scientific expertise sheds new light on the case.
The investigation takes a new turn with Sun-deok joining in.
The trio starts to piece the case together with the new evidence they uncover.

[Interview : Movie audience] "The plot was well organized and the cinematography was flawless. I'm already waiting for the sequel."

Jin-ho and his colleagues steadily close in on the suspect behind the chain of murders targeting the most powerful men of the Joseon Dynasty.
And at the end of their investigation lies an even bigger secret.
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