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News Extra August 04, 2020,
Message of Hope in 'Secret Sunshine'
Director Lee Chang-dong's new film is <Secret Sunshine>, and the excitement was soaring for the movie's premiere! There was a lot of chatter after top stars, Song Kang-ho and Jeon Do-yeon were cast in the movie, and they didn't let anyone down. Let's go join the fun.

At the theater where the premiere was to be held, we even saw Go Hyun-jung, we hadn't in a while!
Stars from all parts of the industry were gathered to watch <Secret Sunshine>.

Finally, the two lead characters appeared. In the audience were big names like , Shin Ha-kyun, Jang Mee-heem, Seul Kyung-ku.. They all applauded for Song Kang-ho and Jeon Do-yeon.

Also known as the "queen of tears," Jeon pulls off her many crying scenes with finesse. She portrayed the role of a widow and devoted mother perfectly. Her acting even brought tears to the eyes of the other cast and crew. Song Kang-ho held own against her, and Jeon gave us the scoop on HER opinion of the actor!

Jeon Do-yeon, an actress who goes the length, and Song Kang-ho, the man who equals her skill in acting... Together they turn a sliver of hope into reality in <Secret Sunshine>.
At a Party with Lee Yoon-ji
Lucky us, we got to meet the actress with captivating eyes... Lee Yoon-ji. Always full of addictive energy, let's see where she takes us this time! Our cameras found her at a party.
Night had fallen, but Lee Yoon-ji managed to light the area up! The pretty young actress is a model for contact lenses, and today, there was a promo party thrown by the contacts company she works for. Lee Yoon-ji gave us the details.
When Lee Yoon-ji took a seat, we got a longer look at her large brown eyes. She really DOES have pretty eyes, doesn't she? It made sense that this company would choose her as their model. How does Lee take such good care of her eyes?
Big brown eyes that are clear, and emanate friendliness. She could bewitch someone with those eyes!
Pair that with her easy smile and charming personality... THAT'S the Lee Yoon-ji who's loved by a great number of fans. Now, what's her schedule like these days?
Lee Yoon-ji was able to light up the party today, and we were happy to have joined her. For those of our viewers who want shiny eyes like Lee Yoon-ji's, we suggest that you listen to the tips that she shared today~!
Hyun Young Set to Conquer K-Pop
Hyung Young who took the Korean pop music scene by storm in 2006 with "What a Woman Wants" is set to grasp the spotlight of the k-pop scene once again. Is Marilyn Monroe the concept of today's shoot? By the way, Hyun Young looks fabulous in that style.

Before the shooting began, Hyun Young carefully attended to minute details and listened to the director's instructions. Then a dancer's demonstration followed, arousing curiosity about today's shoot.

Everything she was asked to do, she did to the best of her ability. Doesn't she really look like Marilyn Monroe? Then, suddenly, Hyun Young started to show some strange behaviors.
Though it appeared to be somewhat unusual, she still looked lovely.

Hyun Young who featured a remake of a song from the Rumanian group "O-zone" on her previous album also included a remake of "Love Revolution 21" from the popular Japanese group Morning Musume on the new album. We asked her if she ever considered a duet.

It was a delightful meeting with the versatile singer Hyun Young, who continues making exciting transformations. We will keep you updated on her latest activities. Hope you show her great support.