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FRI, 2015-05-29 KST

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Arirang News
Arirang's representative news program
"Arirang news" provide up-to-the-minute,
objective and in-depth coverage of
domestic and international news
Arirang News
Onstage [K]
By discovering genuine Korean musicians
and also their music,
Onstage K hopes to introduce the authentic
beauty of Korean contemporary music to the world.
Onstage [K]
Simply K-Pop
Run by both our host and popular
K-pop stars, Simply K-pop provides
an opportunity to interact for
international fans.
Simply K-Pop
New Form of Conversation on
International Affairs
- Global news talk show with
foreign correspondents

Shooters is a new roundtable talk show
with panelists from around the world
weighing in on current hot issues.

News & Current Affairs

Rival parties reach breakthrough on pension reform discussions
  •  Leaders of Korea, Uzbekistan discuss cooperation in infrastructure, trade, health care  7th MERS case confirmed in Korea, one suspected patient flies to China U.S. military mistakenly ships live anthrax to air force base in Korea Last-minute negotiations between both parties continue at assembly over public-servant pension reform and Sewol-ho ordinances
  • Peninsula Inside Business Daily UPFRONT Bizline

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