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Summary of 2020 in Korean cultural content
Updated: 2020-12-29 15:33:55 KST
With theatres, multiplexes, and all outdoor entertainment venues shutting down, and lockdown restrictions bringing TV studios to a screeching halt, digital became the only stay-at-home entertainment option, with a steady stream of fresh content in a year where people around the world had to adapt to staying at home
Like the rest of the world, the entertainment and culture industry in Korea has faced challenges in these non-contact or contactless times.
Korea's culture ministry has took "making the most from a crisis" at heart saying the pandemic could actually serve as an opportunity to gain the upper hand with creative content that could open a new era of the Korean Wave.
We take a look back on the year in the field of culture with Bernie CHO, President of D-F-S-B Kollective.
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BTS' megahit song 'Dynamite' returned to the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 following the release of the song's holiday remix earlier this month their music video for "Dynamite" has racked up 700 million views on YouTube.
Do you think BTS can win at the Grammy's in late January?

Even if they don't win at the Grammy's BTS are the first Korean group to be nominated for the prestigious American music award.
The Korean government has promulgated a revised law that from next year allows pop culture celebrities like BTS to postpone their mandatory military service in recognition of their contribution to the country's national image.
But some cultural groups have raised the feasibility of the revision.
What do you think of the move, will it help the potential of rising boy bands here in Korea?

South Korea's exports of music albums and videos hit a new high this year thanks to the global popularity of girl K-pop group Blackpink. Their music video "Playing with Fire" has had more than 600-million hits on Youtube.
BLACKPINK are to hold their first-ever livestream concert in collaboration with Youtube Music on January 31st.
They're setting an example for other K-pop groups affected by the pandemic.
Holding a livestream concert is no easy task with technical challenges and issues of profit sharing.
What were some of the challenges in the industry regarding this?

Oscar-winning film "Parasite" it goes without saying has broken through language barriers and gained recognition in the Western entertainment market where east-Asian culture hasn't had much recognition in the past.
Do you think Parasite's success will bring a shift in the global film industry or will it remain an exception?
Also fighting the pandemic, what are some permanent changes that you see in the film industry?

One of the biggest trends concerns TV dramas that are based on webtoons cartoons featured on the web.
Hit director Lee Eung-bok , who is known for megahit TV series' "Descendants of the Sun" and "Mr. Sunshine" returned with a 10-episode Netflix original horror series "Sweet Home."
It topped the most-watched TV show list in 10 countries including South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan.
Netflix zombie thriller "Kingdom" is another webtoon adapted for TV.
What's the appeal of such TV series that are based on webtoons?

Speaking of Netflix, we have to talk about the rise of O-T-T, or over-the-top platforms including Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ Hotstar.
Anybody with a mobile phone and an internet connection can now watch a film from anywhere in the world.
This is why Coupang, one of Korea's largest eCommerce companies. has jumped into the video streaming service industry benchmarking Amazon with the launch of Coupang Play.
What has helped OTT platforms grow? And will this carry on in 2021?

South Korea is well-renowned in the gaming sector thanks to creative content and fast internet connectivity.
Crossfire, Epic Seven, and Lost Ark have all gained popularity across the world, with some 670 million users in 80 countries.
With CES 2021 to open early next year what are some of the trends that the gaming industry is paying attention to? Is virtual reality and augmented reality technology making a comeback?

Alright Bernie CHO, President of DFSB Kollective thank you so much for your insights. We appreciate it.
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