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ASSITEJ Korea Winter Festival presents variety of shows for children
Updated: 2021-01-09 12:13:11 KST
Elementary school students are now starting their winter vacation, but with the freezing weather and coronavirus, it is hard for kids to go out and enjoy cultural performances. But one festival this winter, still gives kids the chance to enjoy some culture, either in person, or online from their homes.
Our arts and culture correspondent Kim Bo-kyoung tells us more.
'I'm still with you.'
This is the theme of this year's ASSITEJ Korea winter festival, which aims to tell children that arts will always be with them, even amid difficult times.
ASSITEJ, the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People, has around 80 countries as members.
The South Korean branch has around one-hundred-50 associated theater companies, who are putting on performances just for children.
The president of the Korean bureau says it was concerned about whether it would be safe for kids to come to shows amid COVID-19 so it surveyed parents to find out their opinions.
"We have asked around three-hundred mothers. They were very worried about their kids' future, as they cannot interact with the world and might not get enough educational and emotional stimulus. So for those who are willing to come, we have prepared a safe environment and for those who would rather stay home, we can offer online shows too."
The festival this year features 13 shows, some online and some at Daehakro Arts Theater Main Hall near Hyehwa Station and Jongno Children's Theater in Jongno-gu District.
Its New Challenge section features four innovative shows that aim to boost children's imagination.
"My kid isn't going to kindergarten because of COVID-19 so she's stuck at home. Though quite worried, I decided to come as I heard that preventive measures are being followed well. I think it's better to see the show with actors on stage rather than just staying home and looking at the phone."
Through the shows, kids have the chance to explore new genres of arts and forget about the pandemic, for a short time at least.
Kim Bo-kyoung, Arirang News.
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