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S. Korean artists breathe new life into plastic waste
Updated: 2021-01-11 03:53:51 KST
Although this may seem like a normal playhouse, it has a special feature which attracts children's attention.
The secret is revealed once you take a look a step closer.
All the bears here are made from plastic straws.

"We believe that the idea of using everyday materials to create artwork enables children to awaken their senses."

The creator is Jung Chan-bu, an artist known primarily for relying on plastic straws and Styrofoam to create his pieces.
He first decided to use straws after noticing piles of them discarded in coffee shops every day.

"I was curious about what it means to see things disposed of after use. It made me feel a sense of sorrow. By using them as an art material, they are given a new life.

One art gallery in Seoul is showing abstract paintings featuring plastic bottle caps.
The caps are crushed into smaller pieces and then spread over blue paint to add texture to a ceramic plate.

The crushed caps are provided by a private upcycling organization which collects those which have been sent in by people before turning the caps into useful items, such as toothpaste dispensers.
They specialize in bottle caps because they are the only part of a bottle that's not recyclable.

"Four-thousand people have delivered their caps to us. For the third edition in March, we already have 35-thousand people ready to participate."

According to the artist, his work reflects the post-coronavirus era.

"I wanted to hold an exhibition which makes note of the coronavirus. Highlighting the drastic surge in plastic use which could sum up our time amid the pandemic."

An average of 850-tons of plastic waste is discarded every day in Korea.
But artists here in the nation are finding new ways to help save the environment.
Cho Sung-min, Arirang News.
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