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WHO expert team arrives in Wuhan to begin COVID-19 investigation
Updated: 2021-01-15 05:19:40 KST
A group of international experts from the World Health Organization has arrived in Wuhan the initial epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak in an attempt to find out the origin of the coronavirus.
For more on this and other news from around the world, we turn to our Lee Kyung-eun.
Kyung-eun, what's the latest?

Mok-yeon, the WHO team arrived in China's central city of Wuhan on Thursday, more than a year after the virus first emerged.
The team originally had 15 experts.
But two of them couldn't make it to China, after testing positive for COVID-19 antibodies while in transit.
It means,.. they could had been infected by the virus.
The remaining 13 will work on tracing the origin of the virus, finding out how it traveled from animals to humans.

"To some degree, it's still helpful for them to come at this moment. It's just a little bit late for them to come, but better late than never. China is the first place where the epidemic happened."

The panel will conduct joint research with Chinese experts at various sites in the city.
But first, they will go into a 2 week quarantine, during which they will communicate virtually.
China previously delayed the visit citing visa issues, sparking rare public criticism from the WHO director-general.
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