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Strategic partnership with Big Hit Entertainment and UMG; emergence of strong fan platforms
Updated: 2021-02-18 13:23:05 KST
Big Hit Entertainment the label of K-pop megastars BTS, along with Universal Music Group on Thursday announced plans to form a global boyband.

"We are planning to debut a new group in partnership with Universal for the global stage and will hold a global audition. We are aiming to air this audition program with a U.S. media partner in 2022."

Industry experts say that because this new group will be trained in a K-pop style, it indicates that new form of 'Hallyu ' is on the way.
And would be a new milestone for the genre.

"I think it is really really indicative of the respect and sort of the indication that K-pop artists are being recognized not just for being popular or doing well globally but also for the way that they have been able to create and move up into this world and into this industry."

But collaboration isn't limited to this new boyband.

"By working together, we will offer our artists new methods of dynamic communication with their fans, and new live streaming experiences both through Weverse the fan community platform and through VenueLive, the digital live streaming platform."

Big Hit Entertainment also announced recently a trilateral partnership with Naver's streaming platform 'V Live' and record label YG Entertainment.
Gaming company NCSOFT too setup its K-pop fan platform 'Universe' which had over 4-million subscribers a week before launch.

When it comes to online platforms, where artists and fans can communicate freely, experts say South Korea is leading the way.

"The online concert and fan platforms are already active. There's competition to proactively take control of the market. In Europe and States, it is usually artist-centered, but Korea has come up with platforms centering on fandom."

Through Big Hit Entertainment's collaboration with Universal, and the introduction of fan platforms, K-pop now has the ability to reach an even wider global audience.
Kim Bo-kyoung, Arirang News.
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