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Tickets for musicals Don Quixote and Wicked selling fast
Updated: 2021-02-20 09:06:27 KST
Thanks to eased social distancing levels here in South Korea, more people have the chance to see some live performances.
Hit musicals that were postponed several times can finally raise the curtain.
Our Kim Bo-kyung tells us more.
Venues for musicals such as ‘Man of La Mancha' are alive with visitors who have been waiting a long time to hear its hits like ‘The Impossible Dream'.
"As the social distancing level has been eased, well-known musicals have returned to the stage, with some shows featuring big stars already sold-out."
An executive producer of 'Man of La Mancha', the popular musical story of Don Quixote, says the show is able to go on thanks to the cooperation of all the staff.
"Usually for the big musicals, the break-even point is 70-percent. But with social distancing, we can only sell 30, 50 or 70-percent of the seats. However, thanks to the staff and actors, who have belief that the show must go on, we are able to continue."
For the show to go on, extra effort was required from the production team. But the hardwork is paying off with audiences able to enjoy unique music and an escape from the pandemic.
"The show's setting is Spain so its Spanish music based on Flamenco melodies with two guitars and wind instruments plays major roles in the musical."
"We are all going through hard times and I hope visitors to our show can find some hope and courage from Don Quixote who always dreamt about going his way."
Thundering applauses are just coming out at Charlotte Theater, but also at Blue Square where a green-skinned witch sings the signature number 'Defying Gravity in the production 'Wicked''.
Tickets for 'Wicked' were sold out in just a few minutes. Some were even sold illegally at much higher prices.
Featuring musical divas such as Oak Joo-hyun, the show will continue to bewitch audiences until May.
There are other well-known musicals ready for audiences.
'The Last Empress' shares the story of the last queen of the Joseon Dynasty, Empress Myeongseong, at Seoul Arts Center and 'Monte Cristo' the Korean production of the popular musical "The Count of Monte Cristo" is on at LG Arts Center.
Kim Bo-kyoung, Arirang News.
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